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Challenge of beautiful suit wearing without being boring

I’ve said too much about choosing the first set of your suit is. Now is the time for us to add a threshold step again, this year I will spend more time talking about the casual suit better suited for the ride, it is next to the power suit both the business world for .

The suit for use of the opportunity to play, walk around to avoid colors such as black, gray, or that ordinary people used to work.

Mass trend throughout this year is the color navy. Pitti Uomo event filled with colors of navy. That I do not want to see too many of those events where they go anymore because there is only one single tone there. Not much creativity and personality nor much of the wearer.

For me fashion is like gastronomy, especially in cultural factors. You can just put it to know the essence if you find something that best suit people in each region. European people of color navy whites, Asians yellow and slightly insidious again stands out with gray or bring some color and fall of earth tones. The guy in the picture choose a color similar to the color of cognac. Amid a forest of Pitti Uomo 88’s navy suit, this is one of those guys that I particularly noticed. He’s where you turn, negligent in touch, do not follow the trend, simply nice to know what will be best for you.

If you are considering choosing this color suit apparel, remember, navy and white two colors is extremely nice for those with light skin. If you have dark skin or covertly should be scrutinized in the mirror to see the colors that suit with respect to water your skin or not. Let’s face sank into the clothes is a huge error on the color scheme for the dress.

Rest, you have a lot of other options in color. Is this year’s hot colors like pink coral (coral pink), which had been popular teal color from last year to this year’s Fall Winter season will be the color of marsala spice from India by the sweet deep our sweet.

Softer, more suitable to the masses and is equally beautiful and quality are the guys suit. Often to thicken or cabinets suit, people from the basic color first, then will gradually expand to suit guys and striped suit. Because this type are usually placed motifs on the background very courteous, but not boring. You can wear them to play or even work environment, pay attention not just coordinate with the shirt and tie is colorful. Striped suit which also can be seen as an important node of the business suit, they make everyone become powerful mafia guys and looks better.

The secret of wearing the suit that is just hard to invest in the suit as far with the cheap suit or wearing style multi-level people or the mass of a black business suit of the office. Just do this step, you will see the “wearing Western suits as” becoming less vague.

In addition, there is one thing that people wear suits this era must surely know. It is the religious trend lines in the shape of men exist in the modern world of fashion for men. The suit was formerly the wider apparel. Indeed, in the history of man has ever fatter. Today, with the rise of eating methods and movements practiced sports, men increasingly closer to the ideal shape as Michael Angelo’s David statue. The modern suit with a bit more slender waist, compact sleeve a little more in common with that fat man thrown out of the body.

If you want to wear European dress nice, wear nice suits you best should be sleek. Broad shoulders, waist brief, long legs. It’s a big challenge, who will give up discouraged, while those with ambition will want to change themselves. Western man not everyone is endowed with body image to be dressed in vintage clothing style and elegance this. The pictures that you see on Mann’s up is the male form or the world-class fashionisto.

Not all of them can also form ideal model. But to get reverse trapezoidal shape person, you just need a little hard in the gym and watching the diet are oily her. For a neat figure is not difficult.

Keep eyes open to look closely, you will see what is considered “impossible” only exists in the eyes of those daunting place.

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