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Delicious meals and exercise regime – a war without end

While  I’ve been concentrated writing about culture food in three regions of Vietnam, the man suddenly appeared bicycle chef clip table. “Goats Oh, looks like we’re fighting the bad guys inside six-pack abdominal muscles Fitness segment, that party shall strive to write about the exercises, training tips, the food should eat and should not eat, and we are what is fueling expertise has also had to eat for life, even to cook yourself away cheap delicious “. I heard that a new thought: Do not know about you, if the set according to the style of the great sides Fitness athletes but our cuisine Culinary How will success? I found some interesting, so I decided to write about the war between the pots and pans and some dumbbells.

To start the fight, I would like to talk about the suffering of the call option is listed food group Healthy Food and the harsh reality that we intend chef will bring you. The meat you are advised to buy the reserve in the freezer before starting the workout is chicken breast, beef tenderloin and salmon (without the mackerel also). Ban on chicken breast, after all, only a few ways of processing: warehousing, fried, steamed, baked, grilled … But half the pile that was sticking to oil, grease or harmful substances that lead comrades daily Fitness remain alert, so farmers do? You can close your eyes to the ceiling and beef boiled chicken without the skin for several weeks, and then maybe you’ll surrender unconditionally. Can solve this problem by investing in the oven or pan little slap-slap that on TV or advertising still about removing fat in feed efficiency. Body that it invested about only two things to make it too expensive fish, cows, chickens, quack money back. But the girls will visit your home oven more often with all the recipes we offer. And so a steamed pears, flour, butter, sugar, milk, cream will make your efforts successful cup. That’s not to mention countless dishes you will be thrown away and replaced by others. It is hard to replace, the battle has only just begun!

The second battle: the basics of nutrition and charm is hard to resist a plate of something ngut the likely defeat your determination. Have you been reading about metabolism, carbohydrate, protein, fat, sodium, nutrition fact. And next, we’ll take you to travel all over to enjoy the excellent cuisine. Not to mention we still encourage you to roll into the kitchen on a regular basis to train and make available the food “nutritious”. And once cooked, the monster pay attention to the one the whole long list of nutrition numbers. Go enjoy world cuisine, the chefs have yet to tell you where they serve you only, where you have to also fight with stomach was boiling and conscience is torn violently . Knowing that the workout is to abstain, but the main problem is the soul food will not let you do that. Our chef has declared that he will set all parts except the abdomen.

Third battle: fly into the gym or fly into the kitchen? Once, Fruit Na (new Squash renamed) told me that the best time is set between four and a half-way to reach the six and a half or so. Well done, then invert the kitchen knife What kind? Chef also have forged a lot of skill and corollary is to invest the time. I think how can carefree enjoy the delicious dishes that the neck strap is dumbbell?

Said the battle like that, but actually we are still daily exchange, discussion and research carefully so that you do not get stuck in the stomach and six abdominal muscles. You can still cook, enjoy the taste with varying customs while maintaining muscle up evenly. The important issue here is the determination and creativity of your workout and a little bit of help to us. Looking ahead, this category of our cuisine will shake hands with office staff can fine launched: The menu 15 days of hard training on your paradise will help remove the obstacles about eating during exercise and end this long war.

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