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How to protect your leather shoes with a few basic steps

Vietnam is known as a tropical country with a hot and humid climate it is difficult to present fashion items and especially hard to preserve these items, leather or fur. The boy does not have a few leather shoes, not to mention the past few years trend aviator jacket is, leather jacket … I think a lot of people cried hate seeing spots or mold growing on the skin thick coat soft shell hardens like bread.

Leather is high-quality materials and sensitive so we ask to take good care of and properly. There are many different types of skin but I wanted to split into two main categories: normal skin (leather) and suede (suede). Today I want to take a few notes and experience to preserve and protect the shoes and leather boots for men.


My friend once said: In Vietnam it is difficult to walk suede shoes. Soft suede easily dyed, so everyone wants to own a few pair of suede loafers with colors. However suede used in Vietnam usually meet two main problems: Skin discoloration and easily soiled. Everyone hates the dirt stains in the toe especially when you come across a dirt road after rain. There are 3 ways to handle these stains without affecting your shoes:

1. Use a white towel, dip one end and wipe moisture through. Do not rub the fingers massaged in circular (circular motion).

2. Use a toothbrush type brush lightly on the soft top dried stains.

3. Use a cleaning product for suede (suede cleaner). Often these products should only be used when you are stubborn stains without using 2 way on clean and used only for the sufficient amount of offline.

So how to avoid suede shoes from fading? This is unavoidable when using suede. The way I do to extend the life of the shoe change regularly. The constant you go weekly shoes through hot summer shorten their lifespan down. I know how you like them, but let her have from 2 to 3 choices instead of spending all your money for a pair of shoes and use them everywhere.

To avoid fading because of rain wet absorbent white towel you should take lightly and drying instead of using dryers or thrown straight into bright sunlight offline. Additionally, if your suede shoes mold, use a damp cloth and wipe over drying them in the sun to soothe, to see the store immediately to avoid drying light long to make your shoes stiff.


With leather shoes often you should pay attention to two areas:

1. Keep Designs

2. Keep skin

There are a reader once asked me the tools to keep phom shoes (shoe trees) where to buy. You can come to the restaurant to ask what kind of shoe wooden or plastic to buy Daiso for 40 thousand. I personally hate plastic toys so after I bought them wrapped in a wool socks.

If you have a little high boots stock without boot trees purchased in Vietnam, you can be prepared in two ways:

1. Scroll to the tubular cover and boots up in.

2. Stuffed / rags into a turtleneck socks to boot trees homemade.

Boots with high collar a little more likely to be scarred ankles bent close if you keep not careful. The crook is not easy to handle, so it’s best to prevent them happening. If conditions permit you to amazon and buy a good boot nhat.Bot trees this is a little high neck wound likely have folded if you keep close to your ankles are not careful. The crook is not easy to handle, so it’s best to prevent them happening. If conditions permit you to buy a boot amazon and this is the best trees.
To protect the leather, first to protect them from the closet. With hot and humid climate like our country, is difficult to avoid mold. When you have more shoes and especially the boots, I’m sure you would normally put them in boxes throughout the summer and usher in the winter when you see them have blue mold white mold on the right? The only way to avoid this situation is just 3 to 4 weeks you pull the shoes off unused hong once. When hong, leave out shoe trees, choose well-ventilated place and absolutely no direct exposure to intense light. Regularly checking shoes help you discover mold stains for timely handling. Often I choose sunny days and cover your shoes and covered areas from dawn to dusk hong then distilled taken. This is not your losses exceed 15 per so do not take the “waste of time” to complain when you can sit for hours watching movies.

Besides, I also stuffed the bag containing the anti-humidity inside the shoe leather and often took them out, soft white cloth to wipe the last monsoon season. What time do not wipe the floor wet and this is when damage to the best leather products. Check shoes regularly helps you handle milestones in time when the phenomenon occurs. However if you are unlucky and shoes have blue mold love more, me my condolences to you, you can cure them but we will still lose a certain softness and shine. There are 2 ways you can do:

1. This is the time required to sunlight. Use a damp cloth to wipe over the shoes then basking sunshine a day. What does not kill mold better sunlight at all. After drying you find very hard leather shoes. But you just go a few times they will soften gradually. If this is not effective, then it’s time to use the following method:

2. First, use a soft cloth lightly rub the mold surface. Prepare a cup of water and 1 phase 1 part vinegar section, use a soft towel wet absorbent medium and wipe solution on moldy areas. Absolutely not rub. If signs of mold was so heavy it was hard to clean. Then you should still drying shoes under the sunlight for a few hours.

Besides, the use of a proper pair of shoes also help prolong their lifespan. I never go to a shoe consecutive day after day. Given the nature of the skin, it helps them to be bai out and there is no time to shrink down leading to rapidly design shoes. In addition, when accidentally gets leather shoes instead of the use of water as many people as dryers, you should use more water absorbent towel to dry as possible. Then lots of napkins stuffed inside shoes and uppers to wait for them up to dry. High temperatures can damage the surface of the skin, especially the soft leather shoes.

Finally I want to mention a mistake many people make is to use wet paper (wet wipe) indiscriminately. When I saw your dirty shoes the first thing you do is find a wet paper to wipe. Thankfully I was back in time to stop him. First, many types of wet paper is composed of alcohol – one enemy of the skin. You only need to use alcohol as a last resort to kill the hateful signs of mold only. Second, the wet paper can include skin conditioning people but these nutrients are no similar effect with footwear. But when used on light colored skin, stains do not go away, but spills out and permeates the skin will have no way of cleaning is so absolutely not use wet paper to wipe your leather products offline.

Finally, I see many of you just go to drink coffee is thrown shoe shine his shoes for the operation without knowing that you are gradually destroying his beloved shoes. Not to mention the stuff hit up your shoes may not be the best poker where you hit the regular poker shoes is not recommended. Other skin on your shoes with leather bag. Usually on the skin or a layer of protection available and constantly beat them xi lost and damaged skin faster than your shoes. Add to that many people do not know we should not beat poker for suede shoes. The care home safety footwear and better communicate your shoes into the wrong hands.

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