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Referring to accessories for the winter, besides wool scarf gloves indispensable. The girls behind the car with a privilege is pierced in her pocket but beloved brothers motorcycle rider in the rain, the wind glove not only help you keep your hands warm, but also help you avoid a disaster accidents on the road. A lot of my female friends have asked inbox: How to choose the gloves for lovers? The selection of gloves for men is not easy but not too hard. Before going into details, I want to talk about the so-called over-sized gloves.

Size may be levied on the numbers or letters (S / M / L) and below is a table size that I think is quite right. Also I have a little tip, most men’s hands Vietnam will range size 7.5 – 9 (a span length will be about 21 -> 23cm).

To go deeper into choosing a glove How appropriate, we will comment on three main factors: material, design and features used.

1. Material:

Two natural materials are used as the main or gloves are: wool and leather.

Advantages of wool gloves have a lot: cheap, easy to find, with high elasticity, is not difficult to choose the appropriate size. Diversity of colors and patterns, fit young man. If you’re lucky enough to be loved, they also bring gifts knit spiritual value enormously.

Disadvantages of woolen mittens: to paint, hard durable over the years.

Referring to leather gloves, the first advantage that I can think of is that they are very beautiful and over. If you are the advocates of animal protection and Peta then this is probably not your choice. I, on the other, who love leather, the smell of a new goatskin glove also makes me more excited than the smell of different types of skin. Leather gloves are durable, you can use dozens of years, they may be a bit frayed but like other leather products, they are timeless and sun and wind, become a hereditary items. And the biggest drawback of leather gloves can be very expensive and requires you to carefully preserve.

Usually leather gloves are made from cowhide or calfskin. These leather gloves more advanced type of grass can use goat leather (goatskin) or sheepskin (sheepskin). Based on my personal experience, the most popular goatskin gloves. We create hand feeling than cowhide. Many people hate the feeling gloves because gloves unnatural and hard work. The great thing is leather gloves more you use them, the more they like softer and disappearing into your skin so 2nd.

The beautiful suede leather glove in a different way with soft leather material. They look dusty and rough strokes. If you own a hand to the thickness. Suede gloves will fit over the soft skin. Also, not too expensive suede and if frayed, scratched leather gloves also difficult than the normal route.

In addition, labor (wool) also used a lot. Evening Gloves can use 100% of labor or in combination with other materials is excellent with.

Apart from the above mentioned natural materials, today these artificial materials are also used a lot. Cheaper with the new textile technology brings the benefits of natural materials is difficult to do.

2. Design:

The design of the gloves can be divided into two main groups: normal gloves and mittens cut out. In low-temperature environments, covering the entire hand to help support the body loses heat so tight gloves is inevitable. However, based on many different factors: the weather more fashionable or simply ease the use of smart phones and the fingers of the glove is not very popular

One of the samples cut out gloves include cuts at the top knuckles and back of hands. Gloves used to drive (driver gloves) often are cut in 2 sections. Once you have folded hands for several consecutive hours and part hands knuckles man rough on the glove easy to feel excited, not only unpleasant but also affect the blood to circulate fingertips. I myself would love to sample this glove, very pleasant and very energetic. When typing to sit for hours in the fireplace with a broken, they become extremely handy.

With no array gloves cut out, design woven leather / twine this are not too fussy, still beautiful and delicate:

One thing you note about leather gloves are generally part of the finger. The glove above, edge stitching is hidden inside, looking slim and longer fingers. Some well-sewn gloves with fingers 2 lines in accordance with the hand you have to and they help you look great and make hands more. Depending on your hand you want to look like that to choose one of two categories. These kinds of cotton gloves or use ceiling design helps rhombic usually hand you look bigger

3. Using the characteristics of users:

If you just need to keep warm usual and you think investing hundreds of thousands or even several million for a pair of gloves is not necessary, there is no better choice wool mittens and gloves fleece (fleece).

If you’re on a motorcycle, I absolutely recommend using leather gloves. If asexual stick with rain, just use dry cloth wipe, drape, and a few times they will use the software. Absolutely do not use the dryer or sun drying nhe.Khi spreader driving cars, you do not have to worry much about temperature as motorcyclists so do not be afraid to shop anything without a driver gloves to accompany both the driver shoes. When you’ve got money to buy yourself a car, then spending the money for a nice leather gloves is not a little problem.

If you are like me, love to travel, it sometimes is necessary a pair Mittens

Finally, I want to talk about sensitive: How much is reasonable? No gloves more expensive wool can 350.000VND. Muji with woolen glove that helps you use the touch phone is also only the price to € 12 and is too advanced for cashmere gloves – a friction material will be constantly in use. So you should not spend too much money for so-called wool mittens.

Leather gloves are not cheap. Cheapest ones usually cost around € 20 (equivalent to 650.000VND). Goatskin and sheepskin mittens more expensive will cost from € 30 upwards. Premium leather gloves usually will cost you around € 120 (over 3 million).

When buying leather gloves, with clear origins, a pair of gloves to 1.2 million 700.000VND price is reasonable amount.

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