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The Hotrod’s subject pt4 – The lock differential

In the last issue, we go through some kind of enhancements popular vehicles such as suspension upgrades, extended neck suction unit, also known as breathing tube, upgrade protection equipment such as front bumper, rear bumper, side protection bars and winch vehicles, equipped with a rescue act as amulets while driving through all kinds of terrain.

In this issue we will study about a special kind of accessories would also quite unfamiliar to many people, even the beginner level off-road vehicles. That is slightly ARB locking differential – accessories car much of a surprise.

 As we all know, the transmitted power from the engine gearbox, spinning Pulled along aka propeller shaft. The propeller shaft connected to the Differential (navigation system from vertical to horizontal transmission to go through 2 2 wheel mounted horizontally, also known as axle).

Between the large gear axles and planetary gears, gears entire cluster is called differential. Also driving force task, change the transmission ratio, the department also undertook a differential vitally important function is to help the two wheels on the same axle can rotate at the same speed no. When cornering vehicle, two wheels to turn faster outside the inner two wheels to keep the vehicle stable and not overturned.

If the differential on asphalt as guardians for the car on slippery roads such as sand, mud or uneven terrain, the differential becomes the cause of all problems.

When a wheel has lost traction away from the entire transmission capacity allocated for gearbox axle wheel is transmitted through all this thanks to the planetary gears in the differential unit. Immediate consequences to the wheels also stood grip while facing losing grip wheel spinning again, this phenomenon is called the car was suffering lay.Truong second case is when the car up the steep, reflective typically is about numbers, gearing up quickly to employee parking uphill momentum, however if experiencing slippery slope, uneven road surfaces plus two sides are deep pools, it is very dangerous if you have not mastered the speed .

To solve all these problems ARB research engineers created a new type of accessory called Differential Lock bit (Air Locker). Previously, the term differential lock exists only in the specialized vehicles for the army as a typical IFA, URAL, MERCEDES G Class. Since starting production ARB locking differential gives the car a bit for civil, this concept is becoming increasingly more popular, especially those who ride two bridges and the vehicles involved, such as the mining works or vehicle search and rescue, and especially in the off-road vehicle groups playing all over the world.

 Differential lock slightly composition including planetary gear clusters can be fixed by a transverse locking latch mechanism, operated by compressed air coming from a mini air compressor in the engine compartment assembly. When a wheel lost grip instead of forcing the engine to work at full capacity to break out of swampy place, if equipped with differential lock slightly just a simple operation is the switch to activate the differential lock locking the two wheels on the same bridge together. Meanwhile, the driving force divided among 2-wheel, gas pedal gently to get out of the car seat itself marsh. Similarly when on steep and slippery, differential lock turned up and gently put the wheel to drive to the top slope.

 Once out of place muddy slope to the top or you need to disconnect the differential lock unit to the planet gears perform their function is to keep the car stable when cornering, to ensure safety.

There are two types of locking differentials: differential lock for the front axle and the rear axle. Locking rear differential helps eliminate problems losing grip and increase thrust while the front axle locking differential helps increase traction. Depending on the situation and experience using differential lock that you can activate after locking differential or both after and before. If you choose to mount one rear axle differential lock is always the first choice. The reason is that the rear axle is an initiative needs full-time in the car after receiving two bridges and engine power by 60% thanks to the gears in the gearbox.

Similarly, when activated locking differentials, rear axle activated before and if the car did not move, the new front axle differential lock should be activated next. When forced to use the front axle differential lock is best to just keep the car moving in a straight line because this time the front wheels locked together makes the steering heavier, if you activate the differential lock bridge previous and ongoing steering drive system will have to work at full capacity, this will reduce the life of the parts related to steering systems such as power steering, driver size and tulle driving robots.

 If fitted with snorkel, winch, block making your car look more bunkers and stronger on the other hand the differential lock fitted unhelpful for the car’s exterior. Differential lock in car shells under bridges, switches located on the dash, compressors in drilling machine, the car looked as it was the original, not even affect the safety inspection standards for all stays the original until you turn the switch to activate the system. That is why people call ARB locking differential is secretly a bit of surprise. Once the vehicle has been equipped with a differential lock slightly, the driver exceeds the terrain becomes much simpler.

Selecting the correct differential lock your car life is the same problem, the same brand, the same life, but each market cars have formed different powertrains, sometimes just slurped diameter bearings or No. large gear teeth. To select the right differential lock you need to remove the lid needs, count the number of teeth of the spindle assembly and horizontal diameter bearings … For older vehicles this work is almost mandatory.

The installation of vapor locking differential is also relatively complex. Only skilled workers are trained new differential lock can be fitted properly, otherwise the common problem is slightly from the compressor does not lock differential or viscous lubricants leaking spherical shell. Normally, in order to complete a fitting front and rear differentials need a total of 6 to 8 hours depending on the type of vehicle.

All the effort to mount differential lock will definitely give you the absolute satisfaction. A secret weapon inside Gantry will turn your car into the war machine to conquer terrain true, it will get you removed from your dictionary concepts of road limited to, all remaining is yearning to conquer new lands.

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